Revolution News, Sega’s Got A Gun?

Revolution Fanboy have reported that Those patents are rearing there heads again and the latest one leads us to believe that Sega’s got a gun! It seems that Sega are set to reveal a new “shell” like peripheral for the Revolution controller that that will add light-gun-like capabilities to the console.

According to the filing, “The gun-shaped controller comprises a controller in the shape of a gun and a trigger lever, and a cross-shaped directional key to be operated with a player’s finger is arranged in the upper part of a grip.” Whatever Sega are up to it sounds very interesting

You can read the full abet slightly confusingly worded filing here

Update Upon closer inspection it looks as if the illustrated drawings appear to indicate that this patent has something got to do the old Dreamcast lightgun with a VMU attached although some suspect dates in the patent may be a sign that something is afoot.

Source Revolution Fanboy