Revenge Is Sweet

Electronic Arts today announced that Burnout Revenge for Xbox 360 is now available at retailers across Europe. The next generation debut of the Burnout franchise brings with it a suite of online features set to define automotive anarchy. The Xbox 360 enables Burnout Revenge to deliver the most spectacular crashes in the series’ history. Next generation crashes mean vehicle deformation and Hollywood-inspired special effects with bigger explosions than ever before. Burnout Revenge dons two jaw-dropping new online features that revolutionise the Burnout racing experience. Live Revenge is all about short tempers and long memories – it tracks your rivals and calls out those that need payback in each race all the while tracking your hit list as you take them down. Get involved in sharing your most epic crashes or fastest laps with your mates with the all new Save and Share feature that lets you highlight the most explosive moments from your replays so you can share them via Xbox Live.

Burnout Revenge also still features multi-level tracks designed for fighting, massive vertical takedowns, explosive crashbreakers, a huge array of gameplay modes and wide open crash junctions for epic crash sequences that put Hollywood to shame, Burnout Revenge redefines speed and aggression for the ultimate in vehicular combat. Burnout Revenge will release under the EA brand and was developed by Criterion Games in Guildford, UK.