Microsoft Reveal In-Depth Stats On Live Service

Xbox Live Connectivity & Usage:

Since Xbox Live’s online gaming network launched in November 2002, gamers have spent over 1.5 billion hours on the network playing games online with their friends around the world. This is equal to 65 million days of gaming or close to 200,000 years. With our top title, Halo 2, which is being played on both the Xbox and Xbox 360, gamers have spent over 500 million hours playing online. Today over half of all Xbox 360 consoles sold worldwide are already connected to Xbox Live. This is a significant leap over the nearly-one-in-10 consoles that were connected to Xbox Live on the first generation of Xbox.

Not only are the majority of our owners connected, but they are also spending more time connected to the Xbox Live community on Xbox 360 than ever before. The average number of gaming sessions on Xbox Live on Xbox 360 is currently at 25-a-week, which is up dramatically from the average of 6 sessions-a-week we saw on the original Xbox. In fact, online gaming through Xbox Live is now a proven form of mainstream entertainment. The 18-34 male audience is comparable in size to the same audience tuning in to see the most popular network TV shows like CSI or The Office. Xbox Live on Xbox 360 continues to grow as a social community; we are seeing an average of 600,000 text messages sent every day between members on the service.

Top WW Xbox 360 Live titles to date:

1. Call of Duty 2
2. Perfect Dark Zero
3. PGR3
4. Need for Speed: Most Wanted
5. Dead or Alive 4

Xbox Live Marketplace:

Consumers have quickly jumped to the Xbox Live Marketplace as their one-stop download center. In fact, over 85% of connected Xbox 360 consoles have already downloaded content from Xbox Live Marketplace. We have already had over 10 million downloads on Marketplace in the first 4 months on the market, reaching this milestone faster than iTunes did when it launched. Playable game demos remain the most popular item with over half of our consumers downloading these.

Gamers have also quickly adopted the new Microsoft Points stored value system, as 1 in every 5 connected consumers to date has already started using Microsoft Points on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Online entertainment through Xbox Live is not just limited to games. We recently announced a full year of exclusive entertainment content from our partner Epic Records. Entertainment content like music videos and movie trailers have been very popular with Xbox Live members, as 25% of users have downloaded this content from Xbox Live Marketplace.

Xbox Live Arcade:

Xbox Live Arcade has been an instant hit on the Xbox 360, with over 60% of all connected consoles already downloading and playing Xbox Live Arcade titles. Every Xbox Live Arcade title has a free trial version. To-date, we are seeing on average 20% trial to purchase conversion rates across all Arcade titles, with our top title converting at 39%. In just the first couple of months on the service, we already have seen over 3 million downloads of Arcade games.

Top WW Arcade Titles on Xbox 360 to date:
1. Geometry Wars
2. Marble Blast Ultra
3. Gauntlet
4. Smash TV
5. Zuma