Resistance Updates Incoming

With the PAL release of the game nearing with every day the passes it has been announced today that all versions of Resistance: Fall of Man will be getting a few enhancements to coincide with the Euro release.

The big change is that the online aspects will be expanded via a downloaded update. Online will be updated with two new modes – Team Conversion and Assault. Team Conversion is similar to the present Conversion mode which is currently playable to US and Japanese folk, the only change is that both teams will start off as human, with each having just one life. Assault mode is a bit different as it tasks the player with assaulting the enemy’s base, getting thorough their though defenses before destroying their HQ.

A new spectator mode will be added, allowing onlookers to view matches through the eyes of a particular player, or via a free-roaming camera. A couple of new multiplayer maps promised but these will not be made available until further down the line – possibly May.