Resistance Retribution to use PSP Plus to offer DualShock control

At the TGS Sony has revealed that Resistance Retribution, the upcoming PSP spin-off of the PS3 series, will be one of the first ever games to use new tech called PSP Plus.

What’s PSP Plus I hear you ask? Well, it is a new feature Sony will offer with some PSP games that will allow players to connect their PSP to their PS3 to use one of the PS3 controllers (Sixaxis or Dualshock3) to control the game.

This will obviously be very helpful in FPS or Third-Person games, as it will let players use dual-analog control in the titles. Seeing as Resistance Retribution is a third-person game, it is one of the best choices Sony could have made to debut the tech with.

Resistance Retribution is currently set to be release in Spring 2009