Resident Evil 6 Leon

Resident Evil 6 already doing well, Capcom boast record preorders

It looks like Capcom does not have much to worry about later this year, as Resident Evil 6 is already breaking records for the company.

The pre-orders for Resident Evil 6 are off to a fantastic start. The best start a Resident Evil game has ever had,” comments Capcom’s Christian Svensson in an interview with GameInformer.

Svensson goes onto boast that he believes the game will do very well for Capcom during what is sure to be a crowded line-up come the end of the year.

We’re saying, ‘Get the hell out of the way.’ We’re a big game. We’re letting you know we’re coming. We’re giving people plenty of room to move around us” Svensson says, referencing the game’s already announced release date – November 20.

In the same interview, Svensson joked that recent spelling errors may finally be at an end at Capcpom Capcom.

There are new processes that were put in place that involve people outside the company. We’ve redefined who has final say over packaging. I’m cautiously optimistic we won’t be seeing this happen again.