Reggie wants GTA on Wii, but Nintendo wont buy exclusivity


In a chat with Stephen Totilo of the MTV Multiplayer blog during the recent Game Developers Conference, Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America has commented he would love to see GTA come to a Nintendo console. He goes onto add it is not his decision to make though, and Nintendo will not throw money at Rockstar to make it happen.

I as a gamer — and Nintendo as a company — would love to see a new Grand Theft Auto on our home console. We think the volume opportunity is there. Our job is to create the installed base for that type of opportunity to be leveraged. It’s Take-Two and Rockstar’s opportunity to make the game,” he comments.

We support publishers with marketing investment. We don’t buy exclusivity,” he added when asked about making a similar move Microsoft made to buy exclusive episodes of GTA IV.

We recenlty gave GTA Chintatown Wars on the DS a 10/10.