Reggie Likes iPod, Hates Waterworld, Loves Change

In a column for marketing trade site BrandWeek, Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime continues his advocacy for disruptive technology. Driving home points that he made at the recent DICE Summit, Fils-Aime drew parallels between special-effects-dependent Hollywood movies and the wonderment of advanced gaming hardware. He echoed his company’s belief that technology doesn’t equate to compelling gameplay – or commercial success.

Remember Waterworld? Howard the Duck? If you don’t, you’re not alone. Computers alone aren’t the answer. Low- tech productions like Napoleon Dynamite and Sideways prove that it still takes more than visuals to make a great movie.

In what now seems to be a common practice, Fils-Aime referred back to Apple as masters of disruption. “Technological gains can eventually overshoot a market. That leaves a vast opportunity for disruptive technologies whose appeal is typically, ‘cheaper, simpler, smaller, and frequently more convenient to use.’ Cue the Apple iPod.

He once again expressed his company’s interest in reaching out to different demographics. “Nintendo’s counterpunch is disruption. We’ve determined that the video game market is ripe for revival – and we’re looking to make it happen by reaching out to the millions of players still on the sidelines, including those over the age of 35.

He added, “We’re expanding our market by disrupting it. In short, the sensible path seems clear disrupt before you’re disrupted.

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