Reggie Confirms Zelda:TP Cube Release

In an interview with Latin-American magazine Club Nintendo, Nintendo bigwig Reggie Fils-Aime confirmed that The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess will remain on the Gamecube despite being delayed until 2006. He also confirmed that as of now the release date lies within the month of April, 2006 laying all of gamers’ fears to rest.


CN The delay of “Twilight Princess” is because it could be launched for the Revolution system in 2006?
Reggie The reason of the delay was because Miyamoto said he wants it to be the best Zelda ever, but it’s a hard record to achieve, so he asked for more time. We will be launching it in April and will be for Gamecube.

CN The launching dates of Zelda and the Revolution will be close?
Reggie Revolution is a system with wich you will be able to play Zelda, because it’s backwards compatible, but it’s important to know that we will have this Zelda adventure for Gamecube.

CN Have you played it?
Reggie Yes, but not the final version, but some of the latest graphics and screenshots look awesome, I must say.

CN Is there a great improvement between what showed at E3 and what you have seen?
Reggie The screenshots are mostly the same, the important improvements have been on the story, bosses and areas.