Source CVG

“Out of the minefield of reports and rumours threatening to destroy the unwary on the Internet – be careful where you tread – we rather like the recent wild and wonderful suggestion that EA is planning to develop a Nintendo DS version of its next Command & Conquer Red Alert game.

News of the existence of a new Red Alert game smacked us between the eyes last December, when EA vice president and executive producer Mark Skaggs revealed that the project was already underway.

At the time Skaggs said that the team behind the new Red Alert title will “leverage and continue to evolve this powerful engine [the Sage graphics engine originally developed for Generals and an enhanced version of which is powering Battle for Middle-earth] as we start work on our new Command & Conquer game.”

Hardly a statement that causes Nintendo DS immediately spring to mind, is it?

Still, the rumours would have us believe that EA Pacific is watching over development of the DS version of the title and that naturally the handheld’s stylus and touchscreen are being put to good use.

And what, pray, does EA UK have to say about all this? When CVG confronted a spokesperson with the rumour earlier, They were told “EA have not made any announcement or confirmation on this title.”

More info as it arises… But C&C on the DS!!! definately would be great to play…”