Recon will be last effort for Bungie in the Halo Trilogy

Halo 3: Recon, the standalone side-story type thing that Microsoft announced at TGS will be the last time Bungie develops a game with the Halo name emblazoned on it. Apparently, the company have two other games under wraps at the moment, both of which have nothing to do with the multimillion selling series.

I don’t think so,” comments Bungie PR director Brian Jarrard to when questioned in Tokyo about future games. “We’ve already put a couple of map packs out, we do have more maps on the way. We actually have a Mythic map pack coming out early next year. We don’t have firm details or a date yet, but we do have one more map pack coming out, and then we do have some maps associated with the actual Recon retail release.

But I think when this project wraps up in a couple of months that will be the time when that team moves on to something else – part of that team will move on to something else and part of them will probably be absorbed into one of the other projects that are already on the way.

Halo fans should not be too sad though, as there are many games based on the franchise on the way. Halo Wars being one, and the unexplained Peter Jackson project, which continues to remain mysteriously mysterious being the other.