Get Ready To Rock!

Because….Red Octane has today confirmed that Guitar Hero will be released in the UK on April 7th. Priced at £49.99 for the full package, the US publisher has decided to go it alone, with the firm’s Kelly Sumner saying Harmonix’s acclaimed rhythm action title was the company’s “big chance to establish ourselves”.

But gamers hoping to get a piece of the action had better be quick to place pre-orders when they can, with Sumner warning “there will be limited supply – but only because the factory [in China] can’t produce them quick enough”.

US take-up of the product has been “phenomenal” according to Sumner. “I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s like how GTA 3 started. We didn’t do any advertising initially, it was all word of mouth competitions, yet we sold 75 per cent of our inventory in the first weekend. According to NPD we did 39,000 in November, and we can’t get them out there quick enough.”

Rocking Commences on April 7th

Source Eurogamer