Bully Re-Release Marred By Idiots

Read it for yourselves.

Rockstar’s brilliant Bully was a bit of a classic when it was released in 2006, and as usual, being a Rockstar game, caused a fair bit of controversy. Here in England, the name set off alarm bells in reactionary idiots’ heads, jumping to a whole host of ridiculous conclusions about the game before they’d even SEEN it. In the end, Bully’s name was changed to the far less memorable “Canis Canem Edit”, which hardly rolls off the tongue, nevermind look good on the front of a box.

With an updated version coming soon to the Wii and Xbox 360, Rockstar have decided to stick with the name Bully once again, seeing as after the game was released and on shelves last time the needless controversy disappeared. Unfortunately, this has sparked off tedious broadsheet The Daily Telegraph to write the article linked above.

Put simply, the entire thing is one of the most ill-informed pieces of “journalism” I have ever read. Clearly, neither of the people involved have bothered to actually do any research, so what they have created is basically a page of speculative LIES. Anyone who actually spent an hour with the game knows that your character is the absolute opposite of a bully, and that the game is a wonderful homage to all of the best TV and films set in schools. Jocks, nerds, an angry headmaster and indeed, bullies. Needless to say, noone tried to ban Saved By The Bell or Grange Hill.

The article also features the usual “Wii version trains you to do stuff IN REAL LIFE” rubbish that instantly makes any journalist look like an utter buffoon.

Perhaps the saddest part of it all is Rockstar’s defense is the only part of the article which makes any sense, and it is limited to two small paragraphs.