Rayman Raving Rabbids – New Wii Screens

Rayman Raving Rabbids is developed by the team behind Beyond Good & Evil and Peter Jackson’s King Kong.

THis new Rayman game features “the funniest, zaniest, wackiest antics ever” when hordes of nasty bunnies invade Rayman’s world and he is enslaved and forced to participate in a series of gladiator-style trials. In order to win his freedom, Rayman must entertain and outwit these crazed, out-of-control bunnies.

Developers claim it takes advantage of “The Most Innovative Use of the Wii Controller. Rayman is one of the only games that totally maximizes the Wii controller with the most imaginative moves. Whether you are throwing a cow or milking a pig you are in for an amazingly innovative gaming experience.”

It does indeed sound a bit wacky. Lets hope the gameplay’s good.