Blu-ray production To Begin Soon Says Sony

Sony today announced its disc production plans for the new Blu-ray disc format. Beginning in late February of 2006, Sony DADC will be ready to accept orders and manufacture 25GB Blu-ray Discs on a global basis. The first production will begin in Sony’s Shizuoka, Japan facility and will accommodate both local and export demand. The Sony DADC facility in Terre Haute, IN will start production by May 2006, and the Salzburg, Austria plant will commence production by July 2006.

Throughout the remainder of 2006, Sony DADC will continue to add equipment on a global basis, and will reach a capacity of 5 million units per month for the U.S. and 2.5 million units per month for both Japan and Europe. This will be accomplished with a total of 30 replication lines. By the late summer of 2006, all facilities will be equipped to manufacture both the 25GB and 50GB versions of the Blu-ray disc format. The initial lines will utilize a sheet- type process. The spin process, which has been successfully developed, will be implemented when second generation lines are developed.

Sony DADC is committed to playing a key role in the global establishment of the Blu-ray format. Over the last 18 months, our engineers have been able to perfect the production process for Blu-ray discs, and we are now ready to begin manufacturing,” stated Dieter Daum, President, Sony Disc & Digital Solutions.

Sony DADC has been privileged to be involved with Blu-ray manufacturing preparations both internally and with our customers for well over a year now. We will support all of our customers during the launches of BD video and PlayStation 3 in the coming year and beyond,” states Bob Hurley, Executive Vice-President, Sales & Marketing.