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Ratings problem shifts The Walking Dead Season 2 to 2014 in some countries

If you are from New Zealand, Ireland or Russia and like The Walking Dead, then you’ve probably already noticed that Telltale have had various problems releasing Episode 1 of Season 2 on various consoles.

Telltale have been mostly quiet on reasoning for the delay. Previously only vaguely saying  “there are no current plans to bring the episodic series to those countries,” and gave little reason as to why that was the case. However, they have finally spoken out on the matter (or should I say, said something less vague):

We can confirm that The Walking Dead: Season Two will be coming to Russia and New Zealand on PlayStation 3 and to Ireland, Russia, and New Zealand on Xbox 360,they state.

A late-breaking issue with ratings submission in these countries meant the season premiere could not coincide with other regions, but rest assured they’ll have Season Two early in the new year. We appreciate the patience of those who’ve been waiting to play the season premiere on their preferred platform.”

The following paragraph will have some Season 2, Episode 1 spoilers,

If ratings problems are really to blame, then there are two probable causes for the delay. In one section of the game a dog dies, and in another section of the game the loss of a baby is heavily implied. Also, and this is really not a spoiler, the whole game has Clementine (a young girl) in constant peril. These are all weirdly specific things, but maybe one of them played a part in the delay. Telltale will not state what the exact problem was though.

Regardless, it is very weird a ratings related matter affected the game on some consoles but not others and only in a few counties out of the huge array the game was released in.