Rare hint XBLA Perfect Dark may be on the way?


In a news item on their official Banjo Kazooie blog, Rare have given a small, and we really do mean small, hint that a re-release (or re-imagining as they say these days) of the original Perfect Dark could possibly be on the way.

The hint comes as part of a image promoting an upcoming premium Banjo-Tooie theme that is set for release on 10th April. In one of the images accompanying the piece, it shows a small photo of a N64 styled Joanna Dark in the latest games played section of the dashboard.

Regretfully, if you do a bit of zooming in on the image with your photo editing software of choice, it is obvious the Perfect Dark tile was copy and pasted into the image, and it was not legitimately taken as a screen capture from someone’s dashboard that had truly played the game.

However, the fact that Rare took the time to add it, and tease fans with it, makes you think they may be up to something – with an XBLA release not completely out of the question. Although, we should say they’ve also teased Killer Instinct III a lot recently, and we’ve never seen anything about that in years.

[Thanks, neoGAF]