Rare Hint New Banjo Is Not A ‘Traditional Platformer’

The QnA style “stupid Rare letters page” known as Scribes has just been updated on the dev’s official site. Without doubt, the most interesting stuff to come out of the update is some new hints as to what the new Banjo-Kazooie will be all about. The info itself may be hidden under oodles of mocking, teasing text, but there is still some info in there nonetheless. If you want why not wade through the update yourself, or if you value your sanity read the interesting Banjo information below we collected for you.

Banjo won’t be a shooter (unless we sell no copies like Ghoulies and out of desperation give him a gun for the next game) but it also won’t be a traditional platformer,” humorously comments the update. “We somewhat grandly like to think that it will be a different take on the genre. Some would say a brave gamble but I’m confident it’s the right decision,

Then on the subject of multiplayer the site says. “We aren’t in the business of crushing little boys’ dreams so your multiplayer hopes will be answered. The ‘new direction’ that Banjo is taking should offer a multiplayer experience unique to anything currently available.

Further down in the update they even went on to reveal that “Clanker fans worldwide will be pleased to know that Clanker is making his comeback in the new Banjo game” along with even more info that “the snowman from Freezeezy Peak, the Mad Monster Mansion and of course video games’ premier toilet – Logg” would make a return too.

So, there you have it, that’s all the Banjo stuff. But other interesting info to come out of the update seems to hint that Rare did all the work on Halo and Bungie instead developed Grabbed by the Ghoulies. Amazing! We knew something was fishy, and now we know the truth.