Rainbow Six: Vegas DLC Available

Still playing Rainbow Six: Vegas? Well if so then you should be very happy to hear some DLC has been made available for the title. The content is in fact the same Red Edition that we talk about way back in early February.

Player’s Pack Red edition brings gamers brand new multiplayer content available for download, including two new game modes and brand new maps. Assassination Mode returns, challenging players to safely escort a VIP to a designated extraction point. In addition teams will be confronted with new obstacles in Total Conquest Mode, where teams simultaneously battle to maintain control of three locations on a given map. the development team has also created new maps.

The content is available on the Live Marketplace now and weighs in at 685.87 MB. It can be yours for 800 of those Microsoft Points, if you are willing to spend them. Your other option is to curse microtransactions and remember the ‘good old days’ and mumble about 256 colours and how many sprites appeared on screen back in the day.