Racing genre is “dying” Split/Second will save it says developer


In an interview with Develop. Black Rock Studios has started to get all boastful about their upcoming racer, Split/Second, commenting that the new IP is going to be a saviour for the racing genre.

If you look at the sales figures, the racing genre is, in many respects, dying out,” says  head of Black Rock Studios Tony Beckwith. “Take Mario Kart out of the equation and the genre is in a dire way.”

We’re all fans of street racing here, but as a genre it is relatively stale – the evolution is only coming from how customise cars, which can only serve to remove you from the action. I think Split/Second will do the opposite.

Split/Second is made by the same guys that did the ATV racer known as Pure last year. It was rather awesome, but it seems that not many people bought it. We gave Pure a 8/10 in our review.