Quantum of Solace theme comes to Guitar Hero World Tour

To celebrate the release of the Quantum of Solace game and the upcoming release of Guitar Hero: World Tour, Activision have announced that Bond aficionados and rock stars alike will be able to download and play Another Way to Die, the new Quantum of Solace movie theme song performed by Jack White and Alicia Keys, in Guitar Hero World Tour.

It won’t be available right away though, so be prepared to wait until November 7th to get your hands on it on both Xbox and PSN. That is however the games Euro release date though, so you should have access to the song on launch day. The download will be available at the usual price for a song in the game, which is 160 Microsoft Points on 360, and something over £1 on PSN.

Why not go and read our Guitar Hero: World Tour review, or listen to the theme tune on YouTube if you have nothing better to do right now.