Puzzle Fighter Now On PlayStation Network

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix was released on 360’s XBLA arcade this Wednesday, the world was happy and their was much joy. Now, a whole one day later, the game has also hit PSN, and thus there is now even more happiness and much more joy to be spread. For those that are a bit puzzled about what the game is, and did not enjoy it back during the PS1 days, then you’ll undoubtedly happy to hear that it is an up to 4 player puzzle game that contains elements of Super Street Fighter II Turbo and music from Street Fighter Alpha and Street Fighter Alpha 2.

Thankfully, even though it was not necessarily a great idea for a game, it seems that many planets came into alignment upon its creation and thus one of the worlds most fun to play puzzlers was born. For its PSN (and XBLA) release the game has gained updated high-definition graphics, with each of the four colours of the gems have been associated with an element and given a new animation. Backgrounds and characters have also been redrawn, while the character sprites have been run through a bilinear filter to make them look prettier.