PSP Version Of Crazy Taxi Announced

Sega have announced – that after a long break – Crazy Taxi is going to make a comeback this summer when a new PSP title called Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars will be released. Fare Wars is reportedly is a mix of the first two Dreamcast games but there will be some new features.

Firstly the game boasts a single-player mode with maps from Crazy Taxi and Crazy Taxi 2 included, it is believed you can play both these maps in Arcade mode and Time Trial. On top of that there is 16 mini-games from CT1 along with the option to unlock the mini-games from CT2. There is also a few multiplayer option on show Multiplayer letting player compete ad hoc against each other to get fairs and stealing each others passengers by bumping into each other.

The game is in development at Sniper Studios – a studio mode up of a collection of former Electronic Arts Developers. Sniper includes names such as Matt McKnight, who worked at EA for 11 years on titles like Madden NFL, James Bond 007 and NCAA Football, in addition to former EA staffers Jeff Hasson and Ted Fitzgerald.