PSP Price Cut Rumours Dismissed By Sony

The weekend break has seen the emergence of many rumours that a PSP price cut is on the way. With many a blog and site now posting the rumours a Sony representative has stepped in and, that there are no plans to reduce the cost of the handheld just now.

The origin of the rumour was industry analyst P.J. McNealy, who told CNN Money: “There is a price cut coming in the second half of the year.” According to McNealy, the PSP “has lost momentum. Nintendo has had a great run since it launched the DS Lite and Sony needs to regain some ground.” He believes that Sony will slash the price of the handheld in the US from $199 to $149 – bringing it closer to the DS price point of $129.

But it now seems P.J. McNealy was wrong as a Sony UK spokesperson told in no uncertain terms that “Currently we have no plans to cut the price of the PSP at this time.”