PSP news, connectivity with PS2!

Play games at home, and then bring them with you on the go, where have we heard this before?

Sony has confirmed that the forthcoming PlayStation Portable will allow developers to produce games that can be played both on the move and on a home PS2 or PSX console, – but the main importance will be on new titles, not on ports of existing games.


Sony’s corporate executive officer in charge of marketing, Fumiya Takeno said the following

– PSP would feature connectivity with the PS2 and PSX home consoles.

– This feature would allow games to be played on the home systems, with save games being moved to the PSP so that play could be continued on the handheld system – exploiting the fact that the PSP’s hardware is broadly similar in specification to the PS2.

– To use this system, developers will have to write compatible games for both the PS2 and PSP, and it’s unclear whether Sony is proposing that these titles should be sold separately or in a single package.


It is now known that porting code from the PS2 to the PSP is extremely easy, and in fact developers working on PSP titles in the UK have told us that moving their games and engines to the handheld system from the PS2 has turned out to be a surprisingly simple task – even without full specification development kits.

Takeno-san also confirmed to Mainichi that the company is placing a heavy emphasis on the development of brand new titles for the PSP, rather than the porting of existing PS2 software. It’s previously been rumored that Sony will be strictly vetting all PS2 ports on the system in the first six months to a year of its launch, in an attempt to avoid it being labeled as a “shovelware” PS2 port system by consumers and the media.