PSP getting a version of Dante’s Inferno

dantesinfernopsp_newsElectronic Arts have revealed they will be teaming with Artificial Mind and Movement to develop a version of their upcoming action adventure game Dante’s Inferno for the PSP. This announcement makes the game available on three platforms, with the PS3 and 360 versions revealed a while back.

Like the console versions, the PSP version will draw inspiration from the first canticle of Dante Aligheri’s epic poem The Divine Comedy.

Our team and the team at A2M are taking the vision for Dante’s Inferno and translating it directly to the PSP,” said Jonathan Knight, executive producer and creative director on Dante’s Inferno. “PSP owners can expect to get the same level of fast, responsive gameplay through all nine detailed and unique circles of hell we are aiming to achieve on the consoles.