PSP Delayed

Industry analysts Piper Jaffray & Co have released a report, predicting that the PSP will not hit shelves in the US, until late next year. This would have a knock on effect for the Eurpean and Australian dates, who probably won’t see the console until early 2006.

The report is based on the fact that the PSP is having major problems, concerning power managment, and heating issues. It has to be realised that it is Sony’s first forray into the handhled gaming market, and they are bound to come accross problems, such as these.

The DS, however, is on target for it’s US launch on November 21st and Japanese launch on December 2nd. The European and Australian launches have been penciled in for early 2005.

That leaves the DS with almost exactly a year head start over the PSP, whether or not Nintendo can use this effectivly to their advantage is another matter.