PSP And 360 Football Manager Dated

Fans of Sports Interactive’s legendary Football Manager series will be ‘happy bunnies’ this Easter as SEGA confirm the release Football Manager 2006 on both the PSP and Xbox 360 on 13 April 2006.

For anyone who loves football, Football Manager Handheld offers a dream come true. Quick and simple to use, this world of football allows you to pick up your PSP and delve into the vast database of players and teams with ease – rise through the ranks, become a title contender, then pit your wits against the best in Europe – all in the palm of your hands. And, for those gamers who can’t wait to experience managing on the go, there’s even better news. Football Manager Handheld just got better as SI announce an increase in each team’s squad sizes from 30 to 36 players.

Sports Interactive and SEGA have also confirmed brand new Xbox Live features, adding a whole new dimension to multiplayer management. These features include an option allowing you to export your previously saved teams and go head-to-head with other human bosses competing in a 16-team knockout cup or 8-team league competition – arguments over whose team is best have just become a thing of the past.

You can also gauge your progress as a manager using Xbox 360’s new Gamerpoints system, which awards managers points for everything from signing your first player to going a whole season unbeaten. In addition to this, the games arrive in time to include all of the January transfer window signings, maintaining the level of detail and realism that is the hallmark of the series. The Easter period just got even busier for football!