You’re To Blame For Raiden Falling Apart In MGS4 report that all of us are to blame for the current state of Raiden in MGS4, and the fact that he is literally falling apart is because of the bad impressions many were left with after playing as him in MGS2.

Yoji Shinkaw, character designer for the Metal Gear Solid games reveals that all that remains of Raiden’s human self is his head and his spine. The rest of him is now completely cybernetic, with a collection of differing attachments which give him the abilities of the Cyborg Ninjas which were on show in previous titles.

He has gone through a lot since he was shown in Metal Gear Solid 2.” , explains Yoji. “We never predicted this kind of thing would happen after showing Raiden in MGS2.

Do you feel sorry for the poor guy now? Or does he deserve that fate after running about with no clothes near the end of MGS2?