PS3 Region…free???

In a most unlikely newsflash TeamXbox reveal that the PS3 will infact be region free:

Following its keynote, Harrison revealed in a Q&A session with our PS3 channel that the PlayStation 3 will be region free for gaming. Due to the restrictions imposed by the AACS LA, movie playback will still be region locked like current DVDs but that won’t apply to PS3 titles.

This announcement came as a total surprise and definitely something you won’t expect from Sony.

Sony themselves said:

Due to the high-storage capacity of the PS3’s Blu-ray Disc (BD) format, publishers would be able to release a single SKU worldwide with all localized versions on a single disc. At the Q&A, Harrison said a BD–which can hold up to 50GB–will also be able to store various video formats (PAL, NTSC, SECAM) on one disc.

Source : TeamXbox