PS3 Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is a buggy mess online


With many different sites commenting about it, it seems the PS3 version of Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 has problems that are widespread. I can personally attest to not been happy either, as I have just experienced almost all of the problems listed for myself when trying to have some multiplayer action. To put it simply the online portion of the game is currently a mess, and even the simple task of matchmaking to find someone to play online with is impossible in the current state the game is in. Lag, server timeouts, bugs, glitches, and just about everything else makes an appearance as well.

Ubisoft are apparently very much aware of the matter, and have posted a message on the games official fourms saying they are working on sorting stuff out. “We are aware some of you are experiencing issues with Vegas 2. We are looking into this and will post when we have something concrete to tell you,” it reads. However, even that declaration is not enough for fans annoyed by the issues, as the rest of the forums seems full to the brim with people complaining.