PS3 firmware updates to 2.20


As promised earlier, Sony has just released firmware 2.20 for the PS3. This update is much more feature packed than the last update that appeared two short weeks ago, with the option for Blu-ray Live been the biggest new element in this release. Of course the regular fixes for behind the scenes problems, and updates for possible security flaws are in there as always.

Some sites reported earlier today that portable copy might also be included in this update to allow Blu-ray movies to be copied using the PS£ and then watched on PSP, but that seems to have turned out to be an unsubstantiated rumour as there is no sign of it in the update.

If you are now on the lookout for titles that will take advantage of Blu-ray Live you will have some waiting to do as there are no titles available yet, and the first movies to do so will be Sixth Day and Walk Hard which are not getting released until April in the US.