Firmware 2.17 Now Available For PS3 Update

All has been quiet on the firmware update front as of late, and PS3 owners have been stuck on 2.10 for almost three months now since the last update happened around Christmas time. However, that all changed tonight as Sony have stealthily released firmware 2.17 upon the world, and it can now be downloaded if you have your PS3 set up online.

Unfortunately, the new firmware does not seem to be much to write home about, and very little in regards to brand new features seem to be included. There are not even any update notes included this time! Of course, small behind the scenes changes to make your PS3 run more smoothly, along with fixes for possible security flaws are in there as always so we should be happy about that.

In the future we will of course have more exciting updates, with the long awaited in-game XMB hopefully making an appearance during the course of this summer should everything go to plan. In fact, it is unlikely we will see any more big changes until the firmware hits the big 3.0.

Update: Sony has taken the time to comment on their US Blog to reveal the update is simply for improving the “operating stability of some online PS3 titles.” So, if you’ve been having annoying lag or dropout problems in some games maybe you’ll have more success online now.