PS3 Controller News!!!

The new controller will be called the Dual Shock 3 and will be in many ways similar to the current PS2 pad, the Dual Shock 2, not least in shape.

Wireless is the biggest feature, which means that cables will be a thing of the past as standard. Clearly Sony think Nintendo’s Wavebird idea is something worth using. Wireless pads will be standard from the PS3 launch day!!

Sony insiders have said the new pad will feature either two highly placed shoulder buttons – one on each side in Xbox style – or a single trigger placed atop the right-hand side of the controller, which would be a unique feature. The reason for this is to take on the gas pedal functionality in driving games.

News that the directional pad will remain and the analogues will be unchanged. I think the analogues need vastly improving as they are the only real problem with the PS2 controller. The other buttons will still be pressure-sensitive. Start and select will be in the same place also.

More information will be posted as soon as we hear of it!