PS3 Backwards Compatibility Issues

It has emerged today that the playstation 3 may not be fully compatible with playstation 2 and playstation games. Speaking to IDG News Service, Sony spokesperson Reiko Sakamoto had the following to say

It’s hard to say the PlayStation 3 will be 100 per cent backwards compatible. But as we said earlier this year, we aim to make it so as much as possible.”

Sakamoto’s comments came after Sony released a list of games that are not compatible with its new silver playstation 2. Due to hit Japanese shops next month. In total 47 playstation and playstation 2 games are not compatible with the new ps2, including Tekken 5 and Resident Evil.

Sakamoto when on to say that, “We believe multiple factors are responsible, the new console has a different chipset which is not compatible with the way some software is programmed, resulting in glitches such as hangs and slow game saves. The consoles had already gone into production by the time compatibility testing began, and since testing is not finished more games could yet be added to the list”.