Euro PS3 Back-Compat Site Launches

Sony today launched the Euro version the its website that will allows prospective PS3 owners to see which of their PlayStation2 titles are playable on the new hardware on the day of release. there is no doubt many were awaiting a site such as this to go live after the month of doubt since Sony announced they removed some of the hardware for the Euro launch.

Our engineers have been working overtime, and have succeeded in delivering a significant number of playable PS2 titles for the European launch“, said David Reeves, President of SCEE. “We will be adding additional titles to this list in future firmware upgrades, but as we have made clear before, in the future our resources will be increasingly focused on developing new services and entertainment features exclusively for PS3, rather than on delivering PS2 backwards compatibility.

New owners of a European PS3 will need to install the latest firmware upgrade (Version 1.60) to play the PS2 titles listed on the web site. The upgrade will be available at launch from midnight on 22nd March through PSN and from

The site list all PS2 games and give them a rating out of three depending on how good they will currently work on the machine. We did some digging on our latest favourite games we could play in coming weeks and noticed that DQVIII got (***). More digging brought up that the upcoming God of War II got (***) while the original also got (***), sadly God Hand only got (*) which seems to hint it will have problems along with Okami which also got (*). Thankfully those still playing FFXII will be relatively ok as it got (**) but the recent Canis Canem Edit only gets (*). Thankfully that is all eased by the fact that Barbie Horse Adventures got a strong (***)!!!