PS3 And PSP Versions Of Oblivion Now Official

The latest issue of OPM has an update on a new game for PS3, they write “As a quick side note, Bethesda is working on a special edition of Oblivion just for PS3. We were shown some screenshots (sadly, not the actual game) and it looks like an entirely different game. Every texture is being replaced with new extremely-high resolution ones. It’s basically what Bethesda wanted to do the first time until they ran into the DVDs capacity limit. BluRay fixes that little bottleneck.

It sounds very intresting, may not be worth a second buy if all they add is extra textures but for one console only gamers it’s a huge plus!

They also write near the end of there article “Fans may also be excited to hear that the series is heading to PSP in Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion, a game that plays very similarly to its big brother but takes place in a completely different setting.”

Intresting days for RPG and Sony fans!