PS2 Liberty City Stories Almost Ready

Take-Two Interactive CFO Paul Eibeler says the PSP-to-PS2 port of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is nearly finished and that it will cost less than it does for the PSP. During a conference call with analysts, Eibeler hinted that the PS2 Liberty City Stories won’t be that much different from the PSP version. “We’ve delivered unprecedented and tremendous value to the consumer, in terms of the size of the actuality and the scope [of the game],” he said.

While he did not give a retail price for the game, the PS2 version of Liberty City Stories is expected to cost $39.99 or possibly $29.99. “We think Liberty City Stories is a great product, and we look forward to bringing together the console and handheld [platforms]…because it does tie back into the original Grand Theft Auto III storyline,” he said. “It’s very engaging for the consumer.

Source: PSP World