Iwata Promises Masterpiece’s And Disruption At E3

At Iwata’s keynote at the GDC he hit upon many a subject but perhaps the most interesting was when he talked about cost as a barrier to entry into gaming. Games require big teams, licenses, massive marketing cost he said. Thus, it’s “understandable that publishers rely on sequels“, he added that”our industry is starting to look like a bookstore where you can only buy expensive encyclopaedia sets

In a dig that was obviously aimed at Microsoft and Sony he mentioned that “Some people put their money on the screen; we decided to put ours on the game interface

He continued that future Zelda’s, Mario’s and Metroid’s will be bigger masterpieces than ever before – “but this doesn’t have to be the only business model“, he said. He hinted that a Virtual Console is the video games version of iTunes Music Store and others will offer such a service, but it won’t be the same.

When I imagine what faces us right now, I think of explorers setting foot on a new continent. For them, it was impossible to imagine what adventure lay ahead.” Nintendo disrupted handheld, and it worked; Nintendo disrupted Wi-Fi, and it worked. Nintendo is disrupting the definition of a game, and it’s working too, he says. He ended by saying in a few weeks you’ll see how Nintendo plans to disrupt console gaming.

Source: Eurogamer