Project Trico gets a name – The Last Guardian


The highly-anticipated next title from Fumito ‘tug on your heartstrings’ Ueda, got a mention at Sony’s E3 press conference. Previously known as Project Trico, the title was finally named as The Last Guardian.

A trailer was shown that was largely identical to the video that we showed you a few weeks ago. The major difference was that the game looked even better than before. The graphics and animations were visually stunning, and the interactions between the Boy and his Beast were even more heartwarming.

The only other observations gleaned from the trailer were that the Griffon-thing’s face looks slightly more deer-like than before, and that it clearly has a chopped off horn like a certain other character from a previous game.

Jack Tretton referred to The Last Guardian as ‘the third title in a trilogy’, presumably confirming that it’s set in the same universe as Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. No release date was mentioned.