Problems in the ATi camp, with a shortage of chips!

Perhaps in retrospect we should have seen thing coming earlier. However, it was announced last week by a Taiwan company, that produces the Core Chips for the ATi series of GPU’s is finding it very difficult to overcome demand.

However, its now been found to be a little more serious then that. It is no longer just the high-end models that are struggling, the shortage of chips is starting to drip down to the main-stream models. As buyers get impatient waiting weeks for their high-end GPU and buy more main-stream instead.

Although ATi have made no offical comment on the situation yet, if you are planning to purchase one of ATi’s latest DirectX 9.C cards in the next few months, don’t expect to get it in any hurray. Then again, dont expect to get a cheaper one either.

I will bring you more news as it happens.