360’s Problems Aired On BBC’s Watchdog

The 360 and its problems have finally made there way onto the TV – by way of BBC’s Watchdog. Watchdog reportedly received around 248 complaints about the console which lead them to run a 5 minutes piece where they had a in-depth chat with two 360 owners.

The item opened up with Julia Bradbury labelling the 360 a “clapped out banger” before moving on to their first talk with a 360 owner where he gave info on how his 360 crashed as he tried to play “his favourite game” Gears of War. As with most Xbox 360 breakages it was revealed that all this happened “just outside the one year warranty.” It was then reported that when he got his second 360 “it only lasted three days” before he got the dreaded three red lights on the front. The piece then moved onto a second 360 owner that told pretty much the same story as both guys played what seemed to be Call Of Duty 3 on a 12″ 4:3 standard def CRT TV… after a year of being told “high-def is the future” this just seems wrong!

Watchdog then moved on to talk with GI.biz Editor Ellie Gibson – who seems to have adopted a new haircut since this picture was taken. “I think the real problem is how Microsoft is dealing with this… It is to be expect that such complex machine are going to go wrong at the start” she said. Gibson then concluded by saying it was up to MS to deal with the problem “and give consumers what they need without charging them excessive amounts.” Ellie was most likely then shiped off after travelling many miles for only 10 seconds of air time.

Of course as with all appearances of gaming on TV it seems Watchdog themselves had more than a few problems telling the story. Firstly the console itself was referred to as “more than just a computer game” which makes no sense. Secondly when then spoke about Gears of War they showed a movie of GRAW being played – I am sure someone could file for misrepresentation for that. Next up according to Watchdog, when a 360 crashes a lovely test card appears on the TV screen to signal its death.

Ok, getting serious again the program ended with Julia reading out a quote from Microsoft saying “most people with an Xbox 360 have an outstanding experience, and there is no systemic issue“. She went on to reveal that MS still believe that each incident is unique and is looked at on a case by case basis, and have given “one of the consumers featured on tonight’s show a replacement unit and some games.”