Pro Evolution Soccer 4 Ships And Scores!!

Konami of Europe has announced that it will ship 1.5 million units of Pro Evolution Soccer 4 to retailers, bettering the phenomenal launch efforts its predecessor last year.

We have worked hard to ensure that Pro Evolution Soccer 4 is a better game and have listened to our consumers on how to make key improvements,” commented Kunio Neo, President for Konami of Europe. “It seems that our efforts have been rewarded with this record day-one shipment figure, and shows that word is spreading about the quality of the game. We are delighted that more and more people are being introduced to the delights of the Pro Evolution Soccer series. With the first version for Xbox set to follow a month later alongside a very strong PC-DVD version, we have very high hopes for Pro Evolution Soccer 4 this year.”

Pro Evolution Soccer 4 is set for release on the 15th of October and is almost sure to fly off the shelves. We believe the 1.5 millions units will be gone in no time; there has never been a better time to play the beautiful game.