Preproduction on Killzone 2 has begun

We all know Guerilla Games is hard at work on a game that was labelled as a “Halo-Beater” months before any screenshots or information was even released. The game is Killzone and soon we are going to find out if it will live up the mega hype it has received all throughout the year. But even before this “Halo Killer” hits shelves, talk of a sequel has started to break out form the walls of Sony Corp. Yes, Sony has already commissioned Guerilla to begin development on a follow-up to the game which is as now tentatively titled Killzone 2.

Not many details are known on this game as yet but the project may be further along than just the conceptual stage and it may even be in the first stages of actual development. When IGN asked if Killzone 2 would be a PS3 release Guerilla replied with a very strong “No”.

So that leaves us with two other choices, will Killzone 2 be on PlayStation 2 or PlayStation Portable? PS2 seems the logical choice as Guerilla Games spent years working on the Killzone engine and it would seem like a waste to only use it on one game.