Nintendo Pre-E3 Press Conference Reminder

The Nintendo pre-E3 press conference is taking place soon. Localised times are given below:

PST (Local Time): Tuesday May 9th, 09:30
GMT: Tuesday May 9th, 16:30
BST: Tuesday May 9th, 17:30
CET: Tuesday May 9th, 18:30

Once again, IGN are offering a high-res video stream to members of IGN Insider, and Gamespot are offering free low-res and subscriber-only high-res streams.

GameTrailers are very kindly offering a free, live, high-resolution video stream of the whole conference, so that looks like the best bet for non-subscribers.

Stick around for up-to-date news coverage from the conference on the Nintendo Wii and DS, as well as any other surprises that may be revealed.