Postal Goes Digital

After dealing with censorship at virtually every level of the game industry for nearly a decade, the world’s most blacklisted and banned software company Running With Scissors has discovered the means by which to cure the entire world’s need to go POSTAL.

Through a partnership with Softwrap, Running With Scissors is now making its POSTAL games available for the first time in many countries. Actually because Softwrap’s service allows you to download these games, there isn’t a country or place on earth that can stop you from getting these hard to find game titles. The original cult favorite POSTAL Classic & Uncut, the sequel POSTAL 2 Share the Pain and the recent all too insane add-on Apocalypse Weekend are currently available from the RWS store.

“Softwrap gives Running With Scissors the ability to deliver POSTAL games to every human being regardless of their state of freedom. Governments, customs agents or other traditional barriers to going POSTAL will become irrelevant as the Softwrap system sidesteps distributors, retailers and other would-be gate keepers to deliver the game anywhere and everywhere. From the land Down Under to the mountains of Korea, the world can now go POSTAL in peace and privacy, as God intended.” explained the company’s devious spokesman, potential Bond villain and CEO, Vince Desi

As for Softwrap, they are of course delighted to use their knee breaking software solutions to elude the wannabe game busters. As Dylan Solomon, Softwrap COO explained “Softwrap has worked closely with Running With Scissors to provide a customized solution that utilizes Softwrap’s leading encryption and ecommerce technology, which has to date successfully been employed to secure more than 21,000 individual software games, utilities and applications.”

Gamers anywhere in the world with Internet access simply visit the RWS gift shop and access the link to electronic delivery. This will transport them to a page hosted by Softwrap where they can make their purchases. Following the transaction, a link is provided that allows the user to download, install and activate the game(s).

“We’re just glad that at last responsible kids and irresponsible adults the world over can now get their paws on the most blacklisted and banned game of all time!” horned Vince Desi.