Postal Dev’s Respond To Jack Thompson

The following statement was issued by Vince Desi, CEO of Running With Scissors, the developers of the Postal game franchise. The recent knife attack in a synagogue in Moscow and the subsequent deluge of disinformation from attorney Jack Thompson along with international news agencies has placed Running With Scissors in a position where they must respond

“[i]In this case, the hypocrisy and irresponsible anti-game zealotry has never been more obvious. Mr. Thompson ignores the fact that the assailant was enthralled by a racist book that espouses anti-Semitic hatred.

“Throughout our company’s history, we’ve diligently avoided behavior that might be seen as exploiting a real life tragedy. We extend our sincere sympathies to the victims and their families. Despite our renegade image, we have ALWAYS maintained that violence belongs in video games, NOT on the streets. Real life violence is reprehensible and unacceptable. We wish no ill upon anyone, not even Mr. Thompson, despite his despicable, self-serving campaign to spread misinformation and hateful invective about Running With Scissors and POSTAL, in particular and the entire video game industry in general.

“Running With Scissors believes that video games serve as an outlet for aggressive tendencies, not as their instigator. Postal is a social parody in the form of a video game. If games turned players into murderers we’d be up to our necks in corpses. The independent Postal franchise has been a convenient scapegoat for misinformation and outright fabrications by “journalists” and politicians throughout its history.

“Unlike other violent video games on the market, Postal makes no attempt to defend or justify violence committed by the player. Points aren’t awarded for shooting someone in the face. There are no missions based on slaughtering innocent bystanders. You play in a detailed environment and are given simple tasks such as buying milk and cashing a paycheck. As in the real world, the player may find weapons in that environment if they seek them. And, just as in the real world, the choice of what to do with those weapons is yours. Misuse results in severe consequences, in Postal you’re always held accountable. In our opinion that makes Postal 2 the most politically correct game ever made.”[/i]