Possible Xbox 360 Launch Titles!

According to Eurogamer, a website for USK, Germany’s rating board, is displaying a list of all the Xbox 360 titles it’s been testing since the end of August. While developers can submit betas for testing, they must have exactly the same content as the final version. Which means the list could serve as a pretty good guide to what title will launch with the Xbox 360 in Europe on the 2nd of December.

Most of the games speculated for a European release have all been tested, like Kameo, Project Gotham Racing 3. But there is one title that has not been tested yet and that is Perfect Dark Zero. Touted as a launch title by Microsoft, has the title slipped? Or is Microsoft just running a little late with its testing? Some titles that are expected to launch with the Xbox 360 in Europe are listed below.

* Kameo
* NHL 2K6
* NBA 2K6
* Ridge Racer 6
* Project Gotham Racing 3
* Peter Jackson’s King Kong
* Call Of Duty 2
* FIFA 2006 Road to the world cup
* Dead or Alive 4
* Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland

Source Eurogamer