PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies could come to console and iPhone


PopCap have spoken to CasualGaming.biz to say Plants vs. Zombies, their upcoming tower defence game, could be set for an arrival on both the iPhone and console download services.

We at PopCap are of the opinion that that everyone is a potential player of casual games,” a comments a spokesperson to the site. “We make games that appeal to everyone and anyone – commuters, office workers, families – as well as hardcore gamers. To reach these diverse audiences, our overriding mission at PopCap has to be to have our games in as many different places, and on as many platforms, as possible – to make them accessible to this audience of ‘everyone’.

That said, we don’t have any confirmed plans to bring the game to iPhone or any other platforms at present but will certainly keep you up to speed if that changes.

Currently Plants vs. Zombies is only set for release on PC on May 5th