Pokemon invade Twitter, currently tweeting with each other


It seems the world of Pokemon has invaded Twitter, with multiple characters and Pokemon from the games and TV show now having Twitter accounts. Some are a bit pointless, some are really bloody pointless, but some are very funny.

Koffing managed to get a laugh out of us, as it seems he just exploded. He also revealed that his trainer James loves ABBA.

If you like Mudkips, which I heard you do, then you might like to follow Mudkip’s tweets, although he does not seem to speak English.

Primeape seems to be the most foul mouthed of all – so much so it is probably not safe for work.

Apparently Professor Oak (AKA David Cole, a web designer from San Francisco) has started a new website to track all the Pokemon tweets, detailing which ones are on there, and if they are Tweeting in character or not. It’s all very surreal to be honest.

In some sad news, it seems Hitmonlee has got his Twitter account suspended. Hitmonchan was always better ayway